Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music Camp

Music Camp this year was a huge success as usual.  Much thanks to Belle and the Dancing With The Spirit staff!

For a week music filled the halls and classrooms of Arctic Village School.  Students from 1st grade through 12th grade chose fiddle, acoustic guitar, or bass guitar and made wonderful melodies.  Not only did we play lots of Christmas Carols, but traditional bluegrass fiddle music to.  We were honored to have Fred Weiss as part of the DWTS staff this year.  Fred is an accomplished musician hailing from Fairbanks, AK.  And the kids really enjoyed slapping it on his electric bass.

For more information on Dancing With The Spirit, check out their website.

For loads of great photographs, check out my school website.

Music Camp: "Gwich'in Princess"

As part of Dancing With The Spirit staff this year Belle invited Wilbert Kendi.  Hailing from the other side of the Gwich’in Nation, across the Canadian border.  Wilbert is from Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories. In the video, students perform one of Wilbert's songs, “Gwich’in Princess”.