Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pink Cheeks Seward Triathalon

The first "tri" of the season; the Pink Cheeks. Due to the nature of the season, this one begins with a run, then bike, finishing with a swim, rather then vice versa. Adding it all up was a 5km run, 10km bike, and 900m swim!

After a week of sunny temperatures in the 50's, spring in Alaska surprised us with up to 18 inch's of snow in Eagle River, and about 4-6 inch's in Seward, where the race was held.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Earn Your Turns

Why must we be a slave to the traffic light, insisting on stop and go, craving the intoxicating fumes stemming from an exhaust pipe while listening to over played top 40 on the FM radio, wondering how many tv dinners are left in the freezer and how many times did my dog piss on the floor while i was away slaving from 9-5, and for what, suburbia, prime time television and satellite television beaming at me from all directions to my plasma LCD flat screen projected viewing station, only to be kind and rewind, waking up the next day to do it all over again.

No. Never.


So, on a different note, we went back country skiing today, it was my second time ever, and Gretchen's first. Promptly at 4:32pm we loaded up the station wagon, tossed the pups in the car, and drove up yonder to the South Fork Access of the Chugach Mountains off Hiland Drive. A recent weekend snowstorm left a nice dusting of champagne powder atop old crusty snow, less then ideal conditions, but we don't care, it just felt good to strap boards on your feet and head up the mountain, on a school night....


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gull Rock (the otherside of Turnagain Arm)

Gull Rock, as seen in the photo below, is on the southside of the Turnagain Arm. Roughly 20 south of Anchorage "as the eagle flies" but over 70 miles by way of the Seward and Hope Highways.We parked at the Hope Porcupine Campground in the Chugach National Forest and hiked 5.1 miles to the campground site atop Gull Rock.The weather was in the 30's during the day, and droped into the teens overnight, with sporadic snowshowers the entire time. Gull Rock, being a very exposed site, was very windswept.

We were joined by our good friends Ryan & Ashleigh Hintz, with their dog Denali.

High Tide brought an eerie crashing sound from below, we looked over the cliff to see huge blocks of ice, some larger then a minivan, being pushed in with the tides to this cove.

Ski Train; aka Party Express to Curry

March 22nd, 2008

This years ski train to curry, sponsered by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Association. We boarded the AK Express early saturday morning, bound for Curry, a extinct townsite north of Talkeetna, east of Denali and the Parks Highway.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Training Has Begun

Well here it is, full of youthful endevours, conquering the impossible. After sacrificing two seasons conducting combat operations in Iraq, I'm preparing my body for a fun filled summer of endurance races, making up for lost time, maybe, setting unrealistic goals, never, placing mind over matter, always.

Race Schedule

Apr 26 - Pink Cheeks Triathlon (Gretchen)
May 18 - Gold Nugget Triathlon (Gretchen)
June 21 - Mayors 1/2 Marathon (Sam)
June 28 - 24 Hours of Kincaid Park Mountain Bike Race (Sam w/ team)
July 12 - Fireweed 100 Mile Bike Century (Sam)
July 19 - Crow Pass Crossing Chugach Marathon (Sam)
Aug 3 - Knik AK State Triathlon (Gretchen)
Sept 12-13 - Klondike Road Relay (Sam & Gretchen w/ team)
Sept 20 - Equinox Fairbanks Marathon (Sam & Gretchen)

As always, Eagle River Base Camp is open for business to anyone who wishs to accompany me on these adventures, no reservations required, we don't take cash, check, or visa. Just bring your guts, some rain gear, good shoe's, and a camera.