Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Thaw, almost -- Eklutna Lake

Clear gorgeous Thursday on terminal leave led me to a day off substitute teaching so I headed to Eklutna Lake

Bold Peak hiding behind the clouds

Interesting ice crystals as the frozen shore deteriorates
Most of the trail was clear until about mile 4.5, then we were pushing it...

Dogs, taking a brake
Postholing in April up Bold Peak Valley trail sucks, so we turned around

Storm brewing off the cook inlet

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Champagne Brunch

It's the time of year again, put on your Saturdays best (or funkiest) and make the pilgrimage to Hatchers Pass, hang a right at the mine, and follow the uptrack to Rae Wallace bowl, vicinity Microdot south.

Wearing the traditional family tie.

Lobita waiting for crumbs to fall from the table made of snow
Jack aka "Scarface", aka "1 Quill"
Time for some skiing

Conditions were pretty touchy in Hatchers this week
So we grabbed a couple low angle turns on micro bump, then headed back to the party

Meanwhile, back at the party

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pigot Bay, Prince William Sound; ETS Ski Tour 2010

After much planning and anticipation I loaded a boat with two other friends bound for Pigot Bay Chugach National Forest Service cabin for 4 days of coastal backcountry skiing.
I'll keep working on a better map for where we actually skied, but basically did two days south of the Pigot Bay, one day north of Pigot Bay shooting aspects into Pirate Cove, and one day, uhm, busk whacking and playing with porcupines...
Dogs, beer, and ski's; what more do you need?

The cabin on a sunny Prince William Sound day.

Heading up for our first afternoon of skiing, shortly after being dropped off by Lazy Otter Charters.
Ok, so these photo's still jump around a bit, but stay tuned for an awesome video experience from the trip.

Here's Matt topping out before dropping into our second day of skiing. We found some really nice cold smoke on a northern aspect facing Pirate Cove.
Justin enjoying said "cold smoke".
How many place can you ski amazing Alaskan cold pow from summit to sea level (literally)?

Matt getting after it
Self Portrait, Pigot Bay in the background

Husky's on a Zodiac? Not so much, it took Jasper four days the nerve to "get on the boat".
Lobita and Captain Matt all about the Zo-dizzle-iac.