Monday, May 3, 2010

More Dogs

Photographers become inspired any time. I love my dogs, honestly, they live this lavish life on their own. At times choosing to be cute, or moody, or sincere, or WILD beasts...
One fine Alaskan spring evening around 8pm with amazing daylight still trickling in the upstairs windows by my pups decided to pose for a photo shoot on the steps.
Despite not being blood brothers, they choose to be close. At times biting necks, pulling legs, or a morning mauling to get the other one playing.
Jack, sticking out some tongue
So serious
Blue Eyes
I have never seen Jasper lay on a step this way before. I don't know if he was posing for me, or enjoying it. Usually he would must thump Jack and claim the entire landing step...

Waiting for the next chance to run free

My Secret Garden

Welcome to the doggie proof fence, with homemade gate. Or at least unit the huskies decide to burrow under it, only to poop in the back corner...
Carrots and Green Onions, left to right in rows.
The Squash garden! Yellow Squash in the back two mounds. Green zucchini in the front two mounds. This is certainly my favorite vegetable to grow. I prefer it steamed until very soft, or wrapped in aluminum foil on the grill to accompany any other assorted meat.
The herb garden. For now I only have two herbs, lavender and dill. Eventually they will be joined with mint, and cilantro/coriander. Hopefully this isn't to many in such a small space? This is my first year growing Dill and Lavender. I plan to use the lavender in a homemade beer gruit recipe. The dill will be used on everything along with cilantro. The mint serves one purpose, MOJITOS!!!!!!
Baby dill
Baby lavender
Wanting to grow up into big carrots, someday
Jasper along for moral support, and protection; also sunbathing for free
You can't work soil without a beer
And reading some Cormac Mccarthy to pass the time until i can eat my crop

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bird to Gird

A gorgeous Sunday led us to the Seward Highway for a road bike tour known as "Bird to Gird". We started from Bird Point, vicinity Brown Bear Saloon, riding about 16 miles to Girdwood.

Gorgeous snow capped Turnagain Kenai Mountains in the background.
Only in Alaska do you have to get off your bike and climb over an avalanche debris pile for nearly 200 feet.

Back on track, cruising into G-wood.
My favorite eatery Maxine's was closed, so we headed to Chair 5 for some beer and quesadilla's to refuel.

The crew. Christina better than all of us, she had already ridden 10 miles and ran 3 in this mornings Bike for Women.

Sprinting to the finish.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

MAY DAY-- Falls Creek Day Hike.

May first, time for a day hike
The south facing slopes were nice and snow free, to about 2000ft at least...
Chesapeake's can't help but head to the water

Huskys, not so much, they'll stay on the shore...
Or in the snow

Alpenglow standing loud and proud
Penguin, wanting to shed some snow