Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beginning of the END of Summer...

On Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day, at approximately 1245hrs two cars decided to drag race down Hatchers Pass; I was traveling into Hatchers Pass with Gretchen, Maggi, Travis, Jack & Jasper; the teenager drag racers struck us head on at around 75mph, I was traveling 30mph. The explosion of steel on steel caused mass chaos followed by air bag deployment and twisted metal.
Gretchen fractured 4 bones in her back, leaving her in brace for 8-12 weeks; Maggi was medevac'ed in a helicopter due to a contusion on her forehead and memory loss from what actually happened; Travis was put on a stretcher with neck brace due to pains in his back; I walked away unscathed physically minus a few abrasions on my knees and hands; Jack & Jasper both flew through the vehicle, leaping out of the nearest exit and running nearly a mile away from the accident site before being rescued by a kind good Samaritan bystander with aching Travis following leashs in hand.
Pray for the innocent, pray for the guilty, pray for forgiveness, pray for choices made to shadow self doubt, pray for decisions of the future.
Thanks for your prayers and support during this time of trial.
Peace be with you.

Sunset; Arctic Valley Intro to the big AK

"Are we there yet, is this even a trail, gosh, its pretty." (-Maggi)
"i can see your house from here" (-Maggi)
"yeah; we live here" (-Sam, Gretchen, Jasper, & Jack)

After Church Stroll to Eagle/Symphony Lakes

We decided to show Maggi and Travis the trails just behind our house; so we took a quick drive to the South Fork Eagle River trailhead Moose and two newly born calves drinking some mothers milk, probably less than a week old.

Jasper doing his best golden retriever impression.

Approaching the lakes, view looking north west back towards Eagle River.

Maggi & Travis, Eagle Lake and Cantata Peak in the background.

Jack trying to see if his tongue can touch the ground.

The whole gang, Triangle Peak in the background

Samuel & Gretchen, Eagle Peak towering in the background

Crow Pass Day Hike

If I had a top ten list of great hikes within driving distance of Anchorage, the Crow Pass Trail would be in the top five.
Happy Dogs, Happy Hikers, good day had by all
Just below the pass
Good lookin' dog faces
Lunch at the pass
Infamous Crow Pass sign with Raven Glacier in the background
2x Chamberlain siblings
dogs luvin' life

Paddle Day at Passage Canal

Maggi wanted to do something uniquely Alaska, so I said why not go out for a day of paddling around Passage Canal, Whittier Alaska.
Overcast, temp's in the 50's, and drizzly rain, that's business as usual for the Prince William Sound.
Matt and Meg attempting a rocky beach landing
Maggi rocking Gretchens brand new cordura dry suit, and she asks, why is everyone else shivering, I'm sweating underneath?!

Extra tuff's and Alaskan Amber
Dude, your paddle is upside down, uhm, no its not, uhm, yes it is......
Playing in the rookery waterfalls

Thank you Prince William Sound Kayak Center for the awesome double sea kayaks!!!
Pizza and Beers at the Chair 5 in Girdwood