Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beth's Visit to Arctic Village

My sister who lives in Colorado came up to Arctic Village this week for Thanksgiving.  She experienced the coldest temps she has ever been in (-35), flew in a small plane for the first time, got to ride a snow machine for the first time, ski joured for the first time and ate caribou for the first time!  We had a fun filled week!  I am so glad she got to come see first hand where we live.  Stories and pictures just can't explain it all.

 Check out this video of Beth's visit.

So who will be the next to come visit?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chasing Turkey

In typical Alaska tradition, we went for a before Thanksgiving ski.  If I were in South Central Alaska I would probably be out backcountry skiing with Matt Johnson.  Since moving deep into the interior we went for a cross country tour of Arctic Village. 
Beth and Gretchen all smiles despite -15 temps.
Scott, a fellow Yukon Flats teacher from Venetie, came to visit for the long weekend.  This is his first winter cross country skiing and he's doing really well!
Beth tries her hand at ski jouring with Jack.

Jack getting some stoke on the Chandalar River.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

School Thanksgiving

i'm thankful for my school

i'm thankful for my students

i'm thankful for what we've learned
 i'm thankful for the feast we prepared

i'm thankful for the feast we shared

i'm thankful for humility

i'm thankful for grace

i'm thankful for our leaders

i'm thankful for followers
 i'm thankful for sharing

i'm thankful for friendships

i'm thankful for knowledge
we all have so much to be thankful for

Tournament Favorites

Here are a couple of my favorite photographs hot off the camera from this weeks Yukon Flats Volleyball Tournament.  

I'm planning on doing a more in depth post, but wanted to share a few gems first.
The prelude to the main event was a traditional game called "stick-pull".  Rival students sit facing one another, feet touching, leaning forward grasping a stick.  The first person to let go of the stick loses.

The winning school keeps the stick until the following year.  Arctic Village won last year, so we brought the stick with us.  After a tough battle Beaver won and gained control of the stick.

After two long days of volleyball the festivities ended with a fiddle dance.  Trimble one of the Traditional Chiefs for the region, and esteemed fiddle player took center stage.

Belle and her son Mike hosted a Dancing With the Spirit music camp run alongside the volleyball tournament.  You might recognize them from last years post, Music Camp.

Stay tuned for more photos and stories from this fun filled field trip.