Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th - Champagne Brunch!!!

Third weekend of April, time for the Champagne Brunch. Sponsored by the Nordic Ski Patrol Club; folks come from all over, skin about 45 minutes up from the Hatchers Pass parking lot to the large "amphitheater" between the north side of Marmot and the South side of Microdot.
We crafted this fine table out of snow, complete with bench seat all the way around.
In between crushing beers we did a couple laps in the fresh powder.
Matt ripping in his red tuxedo frill shirt!

Marc ripping it up in his ACU vest and bow tie!!!

Back to the party for some snacks and beers!!! Rockin the dress shirt and tie.
Time for round two!!!

Gretchen visualizing her turns!
All in all a great day hanging out in the back country. A quick midday snow storm burned off to more sunshine and blue skies!

Friday, April 17th; Tincan

It's Friday, so why not go skiing at Turnagain Pass?

Gretchen's first time on Tincan!!!
Those tree's look a whole lot bigger up close...
Partly cloudy day with sun shine at first turned to very overcast and dark clouds moving in.
Jack enjoying the panorama of the pass
Gretchen ripping up the sick gnar gnar thru the tree's of tincan!!!
Oh yeah...
Good day, almost come to an end
We finished the day out with some live music, fresh beer, and good food at Maxine's in Girdwood.

Ski on a school night - "Nosebleed" Hatchers Pass

April 16th, bluebird skies all day, so we jumped on the first thing smokin to Hatchers Pass in search of some fresh powder.

Looking for some new terrain to ski with fresh powder we went up and over Microdot to get a look at Nosebleed, a shot down the northern aspect of Microdot.

One of several false peaks along the ridgeline.

Matt dropping in.

Fresh powder turns!!!

Good times.
Imported via USPS strait from Upstate New York to Anchortown, Alaska; yummy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunburst (on a cloudy day) Turnagain Pass, AK

Anchorage, 43 degrees and sunny; Turnagain pass, 32 degrees and snowy!!!Gretchen, Jack & Jasper in the uptrack. We found a really dense wet snowpack on the western aspects of Sunburst.
Gettin pumped for the first run!
Jasper found an uptrack for the descent while I search for untracked pow pow.
Picture yourself inside a giant white ping pong ball, you can't tell which way is up or down, using the occasional shrub for a point of reference, if you stare to long upwards you get this weird sensation of vertigo.
Dog Face photo session, Alaska Style.
Gettin set for the second descent!!!
Making turns in the alders
Jasper taking a rest on the ride home

Friday, April 10, 2009

Snowcat Day - Notch Peak "Spring Storm Ski'n" w/ CPG

Getin syked for first fun.

Pumped up for some Cat Skiing with Chugach Powder Guides.

Guides giving the pre-ski brief for each run.

Super sick gnar gnar.
Dave H.



Good Friday 2009. 12,000 vertical feet skiied. 12in fresh snow dump in about 8-10 hours, and counting while we played.
Ray, the snowcat driver, gotta give him some love.