Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mount Redoubt Blows Again

{Independence Mine with Redoubt Ash cover}

After months of Mount Redoubt going from Oranqe to Amber to Red and back to Orange then down to Yellow, it finally erupted this past week.

The initial eruptions sent ash north and north/west totally missing the Anchorage area, most ash fell within the Willow/Swketna/Chitna/Talkeetna area.

Later in the week Mount Redoubt erupted again blowing ash due east onto the Kenai peninsula.

Then, Saturday afternoon Anchorage got its due, spewing ash 65,000ft into the area, the winds just right blew ash north and north east onto the Turnagain/Anchorage/Matanuska area.

While leaving REI this fine dust fell all over us and our cars. It only fell for 2-3 hours, the light dusting really wasnt enough to worry about, but locals were still donning cloth masks and covering their vehicles parked outdoors.

{Microdot covered in ash}

These photos were taken today at Hatchers Pass.

We hoped to get some turns in, but decided with the dusting to ski another day, slightly worried about our dogs tramping thru the snow covered volcanic ash, but also concerned about getting the smaller than sand particles into all our ski equipment.

{Marmot Peak}

{El Dorado Bowl ash covered}

Happy Seward's Day!!!

March 27th, No Work, Seward's Day!!! Lets go skiing.
Jack and Jasper scouting the route.
Marmot before heavy clouds moved in and killed vis
Spring sales + nice tax return = fat new ski's!!!!!!!!!! (BlackDiamond Kilowatt's with BD O1 Telemark Bindings)
Dog faces kicking up the knar pow on the descent back to the car

Day Hike with OCF

Last Saturday I went for a 7 mile day hike with friends from OCF (Officers Christian Fellowship). I met up with Lloyd from OCF, and Eric from Joy Lutheran. I think the cold scared everyone else away, so we hiked out Crow Pass trail from the Eagle River Nature Center.

The warmer days have started melting the Eagle River.
Jack and Jasper playing their usual chase games.

Eric cleaning the clumped snow from Zena's paws.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15th, Are you still skiing wherever you are? we are....

Another amazing day in the backcountry. Bluebird skies. Ankle deep champagne powder.

In celebration we skinned up "MicroDot" for some tele turns. (or as Matt calls it, "MicroBump"; sticking to the lower slope angle)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iditarod 2009 - Official Start Willow, AK and Crystal Lake, AK

We decided to truck up to Willow, AK this year for the official "re-start" of the Iditarod 1049 mile sled dog race to Nome.
Jam packed rows of people cheering on over 60 mushers out of the starting gates.
Matt and Meg watch from Crystal Lake.
We were lucky enough to crash a party at Terri and Stephen's cabin to catch the teams several miles from the starting gates crossing the numerous lakes surrounding Willow and the Susitna River drainage area.
The best way to keep warm is too fill up with a nice local micro brew!
Bush plane fixed with ski's takes off from the lake

It's going to be a long 1000 miles for some of these teams...

Friday, March 6, 2009

definition of a lazy dog

this is an example of how i feel every morning, "just hit the snooze... i dont wana go to work!"